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YAG Cards

These marker cards serve as general cue cards regarding our approach to YAGs.

The origins of the YAG - Annelisa's Legacy ...

Annelisa supported Splott Communities First as a resident volunteer from around 2005 onwards. Many were frustrated with what seamed like slow progress from the Communities First Programme, and charged with enthusiasm from seeing some fantastic work at Rhyl Youth Action Group (Ryag) she spoke with the Communities First Coordinator at the time to ask for there to be some concerted effort on the issues of youth and young people in the area. Within weeks Splott and Tremorfa Youth Action Group was started and took a community development approach to solving local issues, through local partners discussing issues in the area and coming up with tangible local solutions. It is this group, that started in 2006, that has existed for many years since, and has led to the organisation and delivery of many successful local projects.

Keep it simple, and grass roots led ...

When asked "What advice would you give to any people planning to set up a YAG" Annelisa offered three key points;

  • Always involve a grass roots community member

  • Make it community and grass roots led

  • Start small and build from there

So there we have it! It's these early origins of Splott & Tremorfa YAG that started in 2006 that led to so much success. We owe it to Annelisa and the Communities First 'Community Development approach' to remember that these foundational lessons are pivotal to the group's success. Not only that they will be pivotal to maximising the chances of making Your YAG a success too!

Trust, safeguarding and policing ...

But what about when it comes to policing? and exchanging information and support with authorities regarding the safety of our communities. There are reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchanges of information between partners because all partners have a vested interest in keeping our communities, our children and young people safe. Sometimes there is a case for leaving space for partners such as PCSOs to build rapport with young people rather than just policing; ie 'take off your hat' and just get stuck into engagement activities with young people. But yes, all partners' roles are valued and united in working towards a common cause of making safe communities.

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