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The YAG's Story

The background context of the YAG can be traced back to policy relating to area based partnerships (Burton, 2006).


Partnerships research itself dates back to before the 1960s but the rationale for partnerships like the YAG is located within Communities First policy (Welsh Government, 2006).

The first YAG was developed within a Communities First partnership in the community of Splott, Cardiff. Following a heated conversation between a resident-volunteer and the Communities First Coordinator at the time, there was disappointment with the apparent lack of action over five years of the programme running, which had still not transcribed into any meaningful delivery.


Two weeks later a Youth Action Group was set up and was aimed to coordinate youth activities in Splott and Tremorfa. It was aimed to be practice based with a membership of individuals and community organisations planning and coordinating local youth activities. It was based on the idea that collective synergy would make delivery stronger than if individuals and groups operated in isolation. The YAG was based on a three thirds membership principle involving statutory, voluntary and community residents.

Here, founding partner of the YAG Annelisa talks about how Splott and Tremorfa YAG first started. 

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